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...Ulhas kashalkar,the present day major exponent of Gwalior Gharana..Endowed with a good voice and aesthetic sense he is on his way to becoming the premier khayal singer of India,a position held by the octogenarian Pt.Bhimsen Joshi for the last twenty five years.."

                                                                         -Kumar Prasad Mukherji in "The Lost World of Classical  Music", 2006


"After a long drought of genuine “Pandits”  in Hindustani vocalism,the emergence of Ulhas Kashalkar has begun to restrore meaning to the honorific.Ulhas claims this  status by his scholarly approach to music ,an original style which is modern as much as it is traditional,and phenonmenal strengths as a performer”

- Deepak Raja - Sruti, 2005


To listen to Ulhas is to augment your Knowledge

- Prakash Wadhera - The Hindu,2000


Kashalkar’s genius lies in his inventive yet rooted artistry. In a sweet, malleable voice, he channels an intellectual disposition into emotionally powerful renditions.”                                        - Sumana Ramanan -The Caravan,2015



Kashalkar’s importance goes well beyond his performative skill, You are listening to a great mind. He is constantly attempting to go further,to approach ragas in new ways, to re-imagine them. This makes him not just a remarkable khayal singer, but one of India’s greatest musicians.”           - Amlan Das Gupta (excerpts from the article "A Fine Balance"- Sumana Ramanan -The Caravan, 2015)


Dense in content and committed to quality, the musical output of Pundit Ulhas Kashalkar, the khayal maestro, is simply delightful and reveals a profound sensibility"                                                                                              - The Hindu

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